We  miss our girl so much, but many many more will miss her as well. She was always the first one to jump in to help or 'save' someone. She was sensitive, but at the same time she could be as tough as nails. Many times I would see her cry over a baby bird or some poor animal that did not exactly time their crossing of the road. Although she loved hunting, she would be emotional about what she shot and be appreciative for the food it put on her table.

She loved 'wind therapy', as she called it. Any time was a good time for a ride on the motorcycle. She was a sky diver, a sports shooter and hunter.

She was also a licensed Paralegal and an honour student, but most of all she was a Mom.

I could recount many stories here about the people she cared for and helped through very rough times. She took it personally if someone was in deep emotional pain and  would do whatever she could to keep that person safe from harming themselves and to boost their self confidence and self worth. It is ironic that she did not allow the same privilege for herself. She kept her pain hidden until it consumed her.

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Anita Lynn Perron, January 1 1973 - January 5 2014

Anyone who is feeling alone, scared and/or worthless needs to reach out, because I promise you that someone does care. You only have to tell  one person of  your pain and those around you will gladly help you to help yourself. Sometimes it takes a circle of people to help carry you for a while until you can stand on your own again. Someone needs you in their life. Don't deny the rest of us who care, the pleasure of your being.
"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope."
Martin Luther King